Everything in Bowls: How and Why the Food Bowl Trend Has Become So Popular


Michael Saechang via Flickr

A poke bowl topped with tuna and avocado.

Recently, the food bowl trend has changed the game of fast food, and the food industry as a whole. In our community, there are several restaurants specializing in customized food bowls that suit your taste. From Brazilian açaí bowls to Hawaiian poke bowls, it is clear that the food bowl trend has dominated a variety of cuisine. These creations have become one of the largest consumer products in recent years, but many people still wonder why society loves these bowls so much. What makes customized food bowls better than the average meal?

Nowadays, both the biggest and best restaurant chains, as well as local eateries, are creating food bowls for every meal of the day with ingredients from all around the world. Açaí, a Brazilian-grown fruit with a rich, sweet taste, has taken the food bowl industry by storm. Although the açaí berries lack protein, they do contain a great deal of fiber and necessary vitamins. This fruit is most commonly has ice cream-like texture and is topped with various berries, seeds, and nuts. Açaí bowls are typically found in smoothie or juice shops, and there are usually a few different types of açaí bowls on the menu, depending on the flavor profile of the add-ons and toppings. Traditionally, in Brazil, açaí bowls are known to be eaten in the morning for breakfast, but in the United States, they are being eaten at all times of the day. Açaí bowls have certainly helped define the food bowl trend, and have impacted the food industry for the better. It’s also a bonus that these bowls are super photogenic and Instagramable. 

Along with açaí bowls, another common food bowl trend is the poke bowl. Surprisingly, this new trend in the food industry has been around for many years. The poke bowl, which originated in Hawaii contains a base of rice, topped with seasoned, raw fish and various types of vegetables and sauces. In a way, it is similar to a deconstructed sushi roll. Commonly found in poke bowls are ingredients like cucumber, avocado, edamame, pickled ginger, and pineapple. Due to the fact that Hawaiians take so much pride in their creation of the poke bowl, its popularity has sparked some mild conflict. Some argue that the spread of the poke bowl across the United States celebrates Hawaiian culture, while others, mostly Hawaiians, do not appreciate how their traditional cuisine has been appropriated since it has changed and evolved to be much different from the original dish. Even so, people have grown to love these bowls for many reasons, including the fact that they are tasty, healthy, quick to prepare, and unlike anything else in the food industry. 

The açaí and poke bowls have helped to popularize the general healthy bowl trend.  Restaurants like Fresh Kitchen, Chipotle, and Beehive are able to prepare a bowl in the same amount of time as any fast food chain while keeping the quality of the food significantly better, thus redefining the term, “fast food.” Many of these healthy, fast food establishments follow a similar pattern: you pick from an assortment of bases, vegetables, proteins, and sauces, and combine them all in a bowl to make a healthy, delicious, and custom creation. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating these kinds of customized bowls, so each meal is a completely different experience. This style of food not only allows customers to customize their food but also revolutionizes the fast food name by creating a way to get healthy fast food.

So, it is clear as to why so many people have become hooked on the food bowl trend. These meals are customizable, quick to prepare, nutritious and healthy, packed with rich and bold flavors, and made fresh to order. The food bowl trend has already left an impact on the food industry, and many people are waiting to see where this trend will go.

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Photo Source: Michael Saechang via Flickr