Upcoming NFL Draft to Decide Dolphins’ New Quarterback


This year’s NFL Draft will begin on April 26 and end on April 28. Teams will choose players in reverse order of their success last season.

The NFL draft, an important part of building the roster of any football team, is quickly approaching.  One decision on draft night could ruin the teams future or lead them to a Super Bowl, so every pick in the draft can be crucial. This year’s class features many talented prospects, including Notre Dame offensive guard Quenton Nelson, defensive end Bradley Chubb from NC State, and running back Saquon Barkley from Penn State; however, what makes this class truly special is its depth at the quarterback position. Sam Darnold from USC, Josh Rosen from UCLA, Josh Allen from Wyoming, and Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma are all potential top ten picks. Additionally, Lamar Jackson from Louisville and Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State could both be picked within the first round due to their immense talent and tremendous season in college last year. 

Many Pine Crest students are fans of the Miami Dolphins, who are picking 11th in the draft. Although quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been the starter since the Dolphins drafted him 8th overall in 2012, his play has always been inconsistent and a torn ACL caused him to miss last season. Because of Tannehill’s injury, the Dolphins are in dire need of a quarterback. Ending up with a great quarterback will not be easy, for there are several teams picking in the top 10 needing one as well.

Type One talked to freshman and Dolphins fan Michael Wexler about the upcoming draft. He gave his opinion on which quarterback would be the best fit for the Dolphins team dynamic.

“They should go with Baker Mayfield.” said Wexler. “He is the most accurate passer in the draft.” 

Michael also predicted who the Cleveland Browns, who have the 1st pick, could select. “I think the Browns will take Sam Darnold at pick one, but they could go with Saquon Barkley and take a quarterback at four.” he said. “There’s a lot of talent at the QB position this year.”

Michael supports the Dolphins trading up to take a quarterback. “We’ve had basically no quarterback for a long time,” he said. “It’s the most important position. If we need to trade up to get one, we should.”

The draft starts on Thursday, April 26. There is sure to be many franchise-altering picks, draft-day drama, and maybe even a few trades. Nevertheless, it will be an exciting night for all fans of the NFL.

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