Decorated Homecoming Hallways Show PC Class Spirit


via Liza Goldstone, sophomore

The English hallway was decorated with yellow, showing the juniors’ class spirit with their Wizard of Oz theme.

As part of a time honored homecoming tradition, the Upper School hallways were decorated by each grade, demonstrating students’ creativity and artistic ability, as well as their class spirit. The student council worked hard along with the teachers to get students together to work as a team to make each hallway a success. Each grade used their class color to represent a theme and then based their entire hallway and the sidewalk in front of the it on the theme.

The foreign language hallway was decorated with blue by the freshmen to illustrate an under the sea theme; they placed fishes on the ceiling, draped the walls with blue fabric, and drew sea life on the sidewalk. The sophomores enhanced the math wing with their fall-inspired theme by drawing pumpkins on the sidewalk, putting scarecrows inside the hallway, and covering the entire hallway in different shades of orange.

In the English wing, the juniors decorated with lots of yellow to enrich the magical theme. Junior student council representative Sarah Rodriguez said, “Our theme was based on the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz, and we spent a lot of time working on it. Our class was very excited to build on this theme to make our hallway the best it can be with lights, paintings, and posters. It was stressful, but still lots of fun!” The seniors showed their spirit by covering the social sciences hallway with black and red. It is a senior tradition to have black along with their class color, and the class of 2018 took advantage of this by making their hallway spooky with those colors along with lights and flames. 

The goal of this activity was to be the most creative and show the most class spirit. Each class worked their hardest to make their hallway a success. Every hallway decorated was based on a single color and every Upper School student came decked out in their class color to match their hallways, hoping to rack up the most points and win the spirit stick.