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The Adaptability of Students During Covid19

“This too shall pass,” said head of the Upper School, Mr. Walters, when reminding high school students to stay resilient. He had much to inform me on during our interview about the adaptability of our Highschool students during Covid.
I started off by asking Mr. Walters to describe the most difficult parts of running the school during times like these. For him, scheduling is extremely tough to organize, especially with our new meadows and assemblies or get-togethers such as the SAT and Holocaust Symposium. When it comes to scheduling conflicts, Mr. Walters and the rest of the administrative team have had to “think outside of the box.” However, some events have still taken place, thanks to our hardworking faculty and student government. “Just the fact that we were able to have the color wars amongst the grade levels and the competitions, even though they were abbreviated in time and nature, I think it was really great that we were still able to accomplish and get through a homecoming even in the Covid situation” said Mr Walters.
Mr Walters would like to tell the students that are learning virtually that he misses them “Your health and your family’s health is most important, so with that being said your choice to be at home is something that you have to know is in the best interest for everyone in your life and in your family” he said. Mr. Walters recommends that us students, who have spent a sizable amount of time on our computers since hybrid learning started, should focus on proper nutrition and exercise to keep ourselves healthy.
To the students learning in person, Mr. Walters would like to remind them that, although it is not the most fun, they should adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines that Pine Crest has put in place. He would like us all to remember that our “impact on the world is a real thing” and that the safety guidelines are for the good of the community, as well as thank us for keeping everyone in it safe.
Mr Walters is upset that all of the students here at Pine Crest, especially the Seniors and Freshmen, are unable to have the full experience of being a high school student. However, the administration will attempt to “make up for lost time.” Mr. Walters is especially proud of the class of ‘21’s leadership and the “example that they have set.” Their attitude towards the challenges they have faced has been really inspiring.
There is one last thing Mr. Walters would like us all to know. “Some simple advice is to control what you can control. There are some things that are out of our control, there are other things that you have full control over. You can’t control how other people act or the circumstances around you but you can control your reaction and your attitude, and how you go about addressing those challenges or obstacles.” said Mr. Walters. He also added that “proper nutrition, exercise, drinking plenty of water, eating right, and moving throughout the day is really important”. In the words of Mr. Walters, “Better days are coming”!

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The Adaptability of Students During Covid19