Pine Crest’s Revamped Cafeteria


via Sydney Tacher, junior

With all of the improvements to the cafeteria, Pine Crest students and faculty are excited to see what’s on the menu each day.

The Pine Crest cafeteria has experienced noteworthy advancements, providing abundant options so that students with varying dietary preferences and restrictions have access to a nutritious lunch. The cafeteria has something for everyone, increasing the amount of vegetarian, gluten free, and vegan meals to satisfy different needs.

Mr. Andy Koobir, Director of Food Services at Pine Crest, and the cafeteria staff have worked hard to create a menu each day that includes alternatives for people with a range of dietary needs. Mr. Koobir noted, “The intention of this change was to make more options for vegetarians, vegans, and people that are gluten free. We created a vegetarian spot by the food court so that vegetarian and vegan students can easily find a suitable lunch. Now everything is labeled and there is a key so kids can know what is gluten free or vegan.”

Koobir goes on to explain the cafeteria’s improvements: “I think that the cafeteria has definitely made a positive change this year. There are more options and we have restructured where things are set so that everything is more visible. It all started when Dr. Markham started the efforts to improve during the summer. In response, the serving line was revamped, we began providing one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian soup every day, and the way things were served shifted to upgrade the food’s presentation. However, we are most proud of the many options at the salad bar,” he goes on to explain, “We are also trying to get more creative and we always try to listen to the students’ feedback.”

The salad bar provides endless opportunities for students and faculty members of all dietary types to make healthy lunches that fit their needs and preferences. With its fresh green lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and other bountiful vegetables, the salad bar has everything members of the Pine Crest community could desire. Junior Juliana Kislin explains, “I am gluten free and there is always something I will be able to find at the salad bar no matter what I am in the mood for. The salad bar definitely has many nutritious options for me.”

Students have noticed these additional options in the cafeteria and are pleased with the updates that have been made. Junior Salma Abuhamda said, “I think it is really helpful that the cafeteria is inclusive of everyone’s diets and has vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. Even people that are not vegetarian or vegan are being exposed to new foods which could help the environment as a whole. Being a vegetarian, I find it a lot easier this year to find food options in the food court, instead of having to make a sandwich or salad everyday.”

Junior Amar Jafri explains how the cafeteria provides a variety of vegan foods to choose from.  Amar said, “I am a vegan and the cafeteria actually has a lot of great options for me such as rice and beans, pasta, vegan spring rolls, and fake meats. The cafeteria now even includes vegan cheeses. The cafeteria has definitely improved and has a lot of great options for everyone to choose from.”

The school cafeteria has made significant updates this year. Both the improved variety and presentation of food contributes to this noticeable shift. The appetizing menu now includes many more choices. Students have embraced the changes and are excited to see what new options appear on the menu everyday.